Brain Crap

I haven’t written in about two weeks because there’s been a lot of shit going on, so, sorry for that.

It was my best friend’s wedding a couple weekends ago and I was the official photographer. It went ok, but I’m worried that my pictures sucked and that my friend isn’t going to be happy with them.

I haven’t heard anything from her since I gave her the pictures so I don’t know what she thinks. I got a few good ones though so I hope she’s happy.

Then after the wedding I got hit hard by depression and anxiety so while I haven’t updated the blog, I also haven’t done shit else. I was just trying to get by so effort was not a thing that I wanted to attempt.

Thankfully on Monday I saw my psychiatrist and she gave me a new med that seems to be helping.

I’ve also decided to be healthier in an attempt to feel better mentally and have exercised and watched my diet for the last week now.

Maybe I’m back to normal, I don’t know. I feel like I’m dealing with my shit so that can only be good right?

I was so worried about money and my health for such a long time that it finally jumped up and bit me in the ass. So a reset is always a good thing.

I’ve also decided that I want to stop pushing and forcing my way through life and relationships and that means taking a big ass step back and attempting to be more passive about what happens in my life.

Whether it’s texting someone I like, or pitching for a job opportunity, I want to sit back, relax, and let these things happen to me naturally instead of fighting and pushing them to happen.

Truthfully I was only putting pressure on myself to succeed in life and love and that’s not a good thing to do.

Stress had me hard and it had its way with me in more ways than one. That’s what she said. Sexual innuendos aside, I’m ready to calm my tits and wait for what life has in store, it should be good and I know that God will provide so I’m not worried,

Also I have some pretty powerful chill pills on board so things are looking up. We’ll see what happens and I’m hopeful.

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