Wedding Photography Nerves

I haven’t stated this before but I’m also an amateur photographer hoping to someday make a living out of it.

It seems that day is getting closer and closer because my best friend asked me to photograph her wedding which is next weekend.

To be quite frank, I’m freaking the fuck out about it, going over and over in my head the logistics and what’s required of me come the big day.

I probably wouldn’t be so worried about it if I hadn’t googled how to be a wedding photographer and come upon pages of advice and warnings about how much work is involved.

Before I read any of that I was super relaxed about it and not worried at all.

I think the lesson here is, just like mystery symptoms, don’t google career opportunities.

Anyway, I talked to Brianna yesterday and she gave me a list of shots she wants which are all completely doable but now I’m freaking out that the day will be so busy that I won’t be able to get a word in edgewise and get the shots that I need.

It’s good though that she’s my best friend and this is literally a no pressure job. I know if I don’t produce amazing pictures she’ll be ok with it.

I did their engagement photos though and those turned out really really well, which is somehow to my detriment because now she’ll expect that from the wedding photos.

I think I just need to relax and take a deep breath because I can’t be worrying about this for a week and a half.

I’m most worried about the family shots and getting the family and the whole crew together. I’m not a very take charge type person and wrangling a bunch of drunk idiots together is causing me more stress than it probably should.

So what’s the good part of all this? well since I’ll be behind the camera there’ll be no pressure for me to mingle and make small talk because that is literally hell on earth to me. I can just focus on doing my job and if worse comes to worse the camera is a good ice breaker in case there are any cute girls that would have any iota of interest in me.

All said, if I suck at this at least I never have to do it again.

This might be the start of something good though. I guess I just have to take some Ativan and see how it goes.

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